Life is a Movie

Real life is a vibe, man.

Some of my favorite films are the ones that show a real slice of life. The everyday moments. The repetitive routines. The seemingly mundane. Ordinary people facing ordinary problems. We think, they’re just like us.” But it’s actually a mirror. We see ourselves through their characters, going through life just as we are. And yet, their struggles seem so beautiful. When we watch them, somehow it’s more dignified. There’s grace. There’s purpose.

Why do we perceive movies this way?

Is it because we see ourselves in them? Maybe. But for that to even happen, it’s probably because we can see ordinary life in a different lens. We can feel the complexities in its simplicity. And the simplicity in the complexities. We understand what it’s like even if they’re going through a totally different storyline that we’ve experienced. The nuances and intricacies feel familiar. We can grasp and empathize that life is not as black-and-white, it’s not as straightforward as it seems, people are complicated, and there are these things called emotions that play a significant part.

When we take a step back, and see our own lives in the lens of a movie, we get to appreciate the cast of characters that go in and out, the conflicts and complications, the windows of rising action, and the moments of climax. But we also recognize it’s not as linear as it is in cinema. Sometimes the plot isn’t as otherworldly. But maybe that’s the point. Life doesn’t need to be like the movies because it’s much better. We get to decide what the story can be, but we’re also the ones watching all along.